We are proud to offer prints of our original artwork sold as giclee (“zhe-clay”) prints. Our fine art prints are of the best quality. All printed by art studios in the USA.
Limited Edition Giclee on paper
Our giclee prints on paper are printed on the highest quality archival paper. Each print is produced by Osio Brown Studios, hand signed and numbered by the artist to verify authenticity. The print is then dry mounted for shippting. All prints on paper require a frame for proper display and protection. Most of our print editions are 250. This means that there are only 250 prints made of this image in this size. Once all 250 prints in the series are sold, the image, or edition is no longer available for sale.
Giclee print on canvas
These canvas reproductions are printed in the giclee method and stretched by hand over wood frames with a wrapped edge. A wrapped edge means that the enire canvas is printed around to the back edge of the canvas. This allows for the collector to display the print without the need of a frame. However the print is frame ready if one prefers. 
Expected Life 
All prints are created in USA by studios specializing in high quality art prints, resulting in excellent quality. Our giclee prints are estimated to last over 130 years without noticeable fade.
Special Care
Giclee prints should be protected from water and direct sunlight. Giclee prints on archival fine-art paper should be framed behind glass. Giclee prints printed on canvas are treated with a special top coating to aid in their protection. They can be cleaned with a dry cloth.