Heather Gentile Collins
Fine Art Paintings currently available

CIMG0205 CIMG0225 CIMG0300 CIMG0405 CIMG0482
"Simplify, Dress" "Bowls" "Relax" "Stability 4" "Growth 4"
CIMG1827 CIMG1828 CIMG1833 CIMG1834 DSCF0005
"Establish Home" "Gratitude and Hope" "Dream" "Grow Despite the Climate" "Breathe Landscape"
"Every Color.."
  ***(Because all computer screens vary, variations in color may apply). Mixed Media on quality stretched canvas, unframed, unless otherwise noted. Because of the quality and style of the work, no frame is necessary. Tax and Shipping and Handling will be applied (according to destination and canvas size).
Commissioned paintings also available.
The paintings are available on a first come, first served basis. Please call 773-575-2715.
VISA and Mastercard accepted.